Clients Anytime Blueprint: How to Get Surge of New Clients using Automation and Digital Advertising … specifically for Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers who don’t like Selling

First of all, this isn’t like any business book you’ve ever read. There’s no fluff or filler – just battle-tested tactics that are working right now. And it’s easy to read. You can read it in an afternoon.

And It’s About More Than Just “Getting Customers”

See, you can use the same system in this book to nurture a relationship with your leads until they are ready to buy without manually following up with them. 

For example, I’ve used the same system to build what appears to be a one-on-one relationship with leads….without spending every hour on the phone with each lead.

A Consultant recently used the same strategies in the book to turn himself into an authority in his niche. 

A small business owner is using the same strategies to bring in clients on demand whenever there is a need for more cashflow…and then using the same strategies to turn those clients into repeat customers that pay him again and again for his services.”

So like I said, there’s more to this little book than “just” Getting Customers. 

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…

==>> 3 easy action-steps to take right now that (amazingly) turn you into a respected AUTHORITY in your market….and why becoming an authority naturally attracts ideal customers.

==>>People that inquire about your service or product….. but don’t buy are not interested, right? WRONG! Page 62 explains why.

==>>When it’s OK to fire your Client …and why it sometimes makes sense to do it! (Hint: You will have less stress and enjoy your business more once you learn this counter-intuitive mindset…it’s all explained on Page 54) 

==>>The one thing you should NEVER do when you advertise your product or service Online or Offline. (Hint: It’s the first thing most “pros” tell you to do! See what it is on page 63 of the book)

==>>Why even though you are already getting some business from your current advertisement….you can actually get more by making this one small tweak to how you get your customers (You’ll see how to make this tweak super easy) See Page 40

==>>How to turn advertisement into profit. Plus…The most natural way to QUICKLY grow your business IS by understanding this simple concept. 

==>>Little known secret that helps Client say “Yes” at the point of Purchase…even if they’ve never done business with you before.

==>>Why up to 50 percent of businesses fail within 5 years — and how not to become a victim

==>>What you must do immediately before you direct any more traffic to your website.

==>>What to watch out for when advertising your business on Social Media, especially Facebook (It’s not your budget — a terrible mistake made by most FB Marketing Trainers

==>>What NEVER to do when making an offer to your clients.

==>>The simple “Funnel Test” that instantly tells you why you are not attracting your ideal customers

==>>You advertise your business online and you’ve attracted some clients. But did you know it’s possible to attract even more that are VERY MUCH like your existing clients? How to use this Simple CODE to attract more of your ideal clients

==>>BUILD an Effective Selling System for your business, without paying a dime to an Enormous Sales team … Plus effortlessly warm up your prospects.

==>>Do you know that you don’t need a Fortune 500 budget to get a system that attract to your business steady stream clients? Here is how to get one….and how to manage it so that it does most of your selling for you.

==>>If you are not attracting your ideal clients, here is why you should forget your current marketing plan…PLUS What you should focus on instead

==>>The Truth about advertising in Newspaper. What your media agent doesn’t tell you could waste 50% of your Marketing Budget.

==>>The Single Most important sentence you will ever read about how to create powerful marketing. It contains just 7 words, and they will forever change your approach to marketing