1. Let me take you on a journey, to a galaxy. Where there are men with extraordinary powers. They are said to have the power of gods.strength beyond measure & abilities of the “shilling beasts”. The first beings ever created in the galaxy. There are 5 planets: the earth,moon,skell,payo,& Naburo. These men have been around for thousands of years. There was said to be 4 brothers raised by the drukini themselves (lighting dragons) only the drukini ways of life. Until the day came when one of those men turned on his drukini master’s & in the end got all his brothers almost killed & they were forced to seal away their master’s,then these men landed on Earth. & There one brother locked that evil deciteful brother away on the moon for all time. Then asked his other two brothers to leave Earth.& Then they left deep into outer space. Today,is the year “2018” these immortal men are still living to this day. The one on the earth & the one locked on moon. Still have beef. The one on moon is getting strong enough to break free from his prison. & He swears to get his revenge on his brother! & Destroy him & the planet Earth. Now a new hero must come forth. Solrac-