Yogi: life lessons from a little dog

You can improve by learning from a dog. Yogi is a little terrier, a Westie, that I gave to my wife as a puppy at a difficult time in our marriage. Yogi has been both a positive and a negative in our lives. He is an important part of our relationship, a shared interest and conversation, and an icebreaker when we have arguments. Yogi has also caused friction between us with his destructive puppy behaviour from chewing the furniture to climbing into flower pots and nipping off the buds. At times we discussed sending him back.
Yogi teaches me so much. Walking with Yogi shows me the importance of being open to people, the value of good habits and how to win the day by getting out early, the benefits of listening (talking to a dog is great therapy because dogs do not talk back), how to be mindful, how to live in the moment, patience, the importance of accepting differences, the need to be kind to the people and animals we love because they are most vulnerable, and much more.
This book is for readers who spend time with dogs and for those who reflect on life and meaning. Finally, there are two happy conclusions; my wife and I saved our marriage and Yogi is with us to stay.