On the Edge of the Loch: A Psychological Novel set in Ireland

Amazon #1 Bestseller — set in Ireland, an edge-of-seat story of four exceptional people whose paths should not have crossed, but did. Each is driven by longings that are all but unreachable, and by decisions that allow no way back. This emotional mélange of two men and two women, a tug-of-war between sanity and survival, resignation and freedom, is complicated by how each craves love, which might lead to all four remaining strangers, if they can make it that far.
Moving, deep, occasionally frightening, this is a modern-day story of heart-driven obsession and the dangers that ensue.
The reader, never permitted to know what’s coming next, experiences every dramatic moment viscerally and in ‘real time’, and can only brood on which strands, if any, will tie together. Twists and turns through a series of profoundly moving events carry the reader to a totally unpredictable climax.
This 5-star novel is a gripping depiction of those primal drives that make us human, but also make us vulnerable and dangerous.
Jack Engelhard, international bestselling author of Indecent Proposal, described this work as ‘Epic!’. To date it has reached five #1 spots on Amazon and is universally acclaimed by critics.