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Have you been thinking about putting off some pounds recently?

The thought of losing weight and appearing fit has a certain appeal to it.

However, the process of losing weight is not the matter of a few hours at the gym every day.

There are many other factors that come into play in losing weight. Do you know it all?

Are you prepared to start off on the journey of weight loss?

Many of you might be so driven to lose the extra pounds that this question would appear

as an understatement to your motivation and will to lose weight. But the water is not as steady underneath as it appears on the surface, my friend! The journey of weight loss would demand a lot of commitment from you not only physically but also on an emotional level.So, have you got it in you?

What would be your diet?

Among the many things that can help you in shedding off some pounds, your diet is the biggest weapon in your arsenal! The choice of your diet would play a huge role in supporting your diet loss regimen. But do you know which diet and meal plan would suit your body and health?
These questions are thought provoking indeed! So, this eBook comes with the precise way to inform you about one of the newest and popular trends in weight loss – “KETOGENIC DIET”. In ‘Ketogenic Diet- a Ketogenic Guide for Beginners”, I would help you know:

  • About the Ketogenic diet with its origins and rise to popularity


  • Benefits of Ketogenic diet for weight loss with an understanding of its impact on our body


  • Insights into use of keto diet for weight loss


  • Observation of impacts of combining intermittent fasting and keto diet


  • Some mouth watering yet healthy keto diet recipes!


  • Suggestions for a basic meal plan in keto diet and the necessary precautions


  • Testimonials of real people about the Ketogenic diet