ANALYZE PEOPLE: BODY LANGUAGE LEXICON – Influence, Read People, Analyze, Understand Behaviours, Personality Type, and Handle Relations with Psychological … Seduction, Manipulation, Techniques)

Body language is an expressive gesture. Humans communicate in many non-verbal ways including gestures, facial expressions, tonal quality, gait, head movements, body posture and actions, clothing, mannerism, personality behavior and handwriting. Research shows that there is congruency between these non-verbal communications of ours. For example, if someone walks and talks very slow, their handwriting will be slow. We can use physiology to understand psychology. 
The body language is as important as verbal language in communication. The interaction of two people is based largely on non-verbal communication, much of which is through body language. In fact, the body language cues are sometimes even more important than what is said to us through verbal language. 
If your girlfriend says she loves you, that is verbal communication, but when she shows covert interest in other men as well, that is non-verbal communication and you might consider both these modes of communication as equally important in determining whether your girlfriend truly loves you. The body is an important communicative agent – the eyes, the lips, the hands and gestures, postures and movements, determine our thoughts and feelings. 

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    • What is Body Language?
    • Categories of Body Language
    • Basic Techniques to make you More Interesting
    • Analyzing Gestures in Body Language
    • Analyzing Body Language in a Relationship
    • Personality Types in Body Language


  • And Much, much more!