Notes To Self: “Always Believe As You Keep Walking Through Loss And Brokenness”

Forget about feeling sorry for yourself. 
‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’ Will Durant

Time to develop a new mind set. You are the only person that can do that! So let’s start with self-motivation. How you encourage yourself. Will determine how much you value yourself. The time to make that change is today. Why gamble with your future? Every day is a new chance for new thoughts. You cannot change the past. But, the power of changing your future lies in your hands. You make it happen!
Infuse your life with new goals. As you overcome adversity and difficulty. Then keep going and don’t allow problems to defeat you. You must have faith in your abilities. Work hard at being the best version of yourself. Good habits are instigated by your desire to overcome trials. Win against tragedy by always pursuing excellence in your words and actions.