The Tale of a Fraud Mind: A Convulsing-Cerebral Psychological Thriller

No matter what genius you have, a villain is always behind it. For an ostracized classical music composer and closeted writer, it is hidden somewhere in the past – or perhaps, in her vain perceptions of the present. Only a serious mental illness prevents her from accomplishing the last ultimate quest of her life as death creeps in. However, she refuses to die without finding out all truths and creating the sweetest legacy unknown to man.

It is the ruthless puzzle game of identities that provokes the minds, challenges society’s beliefs, and maybe even dares to confront your truths.

10 Interesting Facts about the Book:
– it was conceived after Ludwig Van Beethoven visited the author in a vivid dream. 
– the author wrote it in 69 days. The first draft was finished on December 8th around 8:00 P.M.
– some events were based on the author’s real-life encounters and personal experiences.
– the author suffered from panic attacks during the writing process.
– the author could not figure out the ending until it presented itself.
– the piano code mentioned in the book is one of the author’s piano improvisation techniques.
– the ‘devil’s rush’ wine reference was based on the actual effect of a particular red wine brand that the author tasted on Thanksgiving day. 
– the character names were based on the author’s personal encounters combined. 
– the Christmas eve significance was based on the last moments that the author had spent with her childhood best friend.
– the author meant to write it as a family drama. Until the twists and turns swooped in without intent.