The Stomach Eraser: How to Lose the Fat and Keep the Fun

Let’s call it how it is and let’s use the dreaded “f-word”. The word that nobody likes, the word that everybody runs from, but the word that in my opinion people need to accept and embrace. This word is “FAT.” Once you KNOW the truth, you can then be free. And the truth was…. I was FAT. 

I felt unattractive. I didn’t feel good about myself. I was protecting everyone around me; my wife, my kids, my colleagues, my friends, my employees, basically everyone except me. I was unable to save me from me. And I was dying. I was smiling a lot, I was even laughing. I was able to put on a mask and function in the real world, but the honest truth is that, I was hurting. I was crying on the inside and had nothing to do with my weight. It was really about the things that were weighing heavily on my mind, on my life, on my relationships, on my finances and unfortunately, eventually and devastatingly, on my health. I knew
there was only one thing that was the key to getting my life back in order. While in my desperation, I identified it.
Once I identified the secret, everything started falling into place. I finally clicked a Switch in my life that turned on the light and illuminated my dark places. Now I am sharing how I did it with everyone that I know. I’m Coach Arlo. I’m the SwitchOn Coach. 

I’m 48 years old and I know how hard it is to lose weight. Just like you I’ve been losing weight my whole life; and gaining it back too! I was ready to give up on my life until I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Prior to that I was struggling like you. Finally, desperation turned into fear for me. My life was starting to lose its meaning and I was scrambling for a reason to live.

In this quick and easy to follow eBook you will learn to understand and apply a few simple guidelines that are the key to losing weight. In the process you will learn a few tricks that can help you lose your belly fat while keeping loads of great food options and the fun associated with them. No more wasting time and money on fad diets where you eat foods that you hate, starve or worse spend hundreds on shakes or packaged foods. The problem with those options is that they don’t work long term! What does work is a healthy transition to a better relationship with food and better control over the impulse that is driving you to an early grave. 

After successfully taking control of his own health after 15 years of death by donut; The SwitchOn Coach is making it his mission share the insight that helped him lose over 50lbs in 90 days. 

In the Stomach Eraser eBook you will: 

– Learn how to look at food from a different perspective
– Discover how to see “fat” differently
– Find out how to be completely honest with yourself
– And Discover the REAL YOU!

You will learn to examine the areas of your life that are impacting your health choices have on your longevity.