Thrifty and Thriving: 10 Simple Ways to Put Money Back In Your Pocket Today

Spend less on what you don’t care about and more on what you do.

Ready to make peace with your budget? You can save and still enjoy your best life! This quick read is packed with simple ways to carve more out of your budget for the things you love. Easy to understand and easy to get started. You will . . .

    • Learn the 10 Simple Strategies that can start saving you money today
    • See how sorting your mail saves you money
    • Get brilliant insights into the excuses that keep you overspending
    • Take a fresh look at your goals and priorities
    • Create habits that can put your budget on autopilot
    • Find genius ways to save money with kids
    • Thrive on the rewards of thrifty living

    Big changes and little changes — they all add up. You can live well and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with thrifty living.