Spread Your Wings and Fly

Toby’s biggest dream was to travel around the world. Since childhood he always loved adventures and exploring new places. But life had different plans for him. A life he created for himself according to “the book.” He lives a typical normal life – he got married, has a good bank job, mortgage to pay and plans for the future. But this was never his real dream. He feels drained, unhappy and tired from daily routine. He feels he is missing the essence of life, and he doesn’t want to regret never trying something else. He wants to fulfill his biggest dream but this comes with a high price tag – everything he built over the years. He struggles with himself, changing his mind rapidly and facing his deepest fears. His inner conflicts and dilemmas accompany him every step of the way. Will he be able to leave everything behind and fulfill his dream? Is he really ready for hard choices? It’s a struggle between social pressure and personal desires, and only one can win. 

This is a story about a man looking for fulfillment. He understands time is the most precious thing in life, therefore he doesn’t want to waste it anymore. Because of his past decisions, he feels incomplete. With determination and sacrifice he decides to change the journey of his life. There are lots of hurdles, but he believes in his right to live the life he truly deserves before it gets too late. It’s a story about doing the things you believe in, even though it seems impossible. An adventurer trapped in the daily routine. Life is one big opportunity combined with lots of smaller opportunities; if you miss one, it might never come back.