Hitched: Blind Date Friends to Lovers

Jodie Durbin spends her days in front of computer screens and that is the complete opposite of her true persona. Online she’s a hacker, video game guru, and internet sensation. In person, she believes in living a holistic life, and communing with nature. So, when Jodie’s obnoxious roommate bails on a blind date- just as he is knocking on the front door- she steps in to save the day. There is something about this man that draws her towards him as if destined.

Samuel ‘Buddy’ Stevens has been officially friend-zoned. 

Samuel is hard-working, ambitious, and simply wants more in his life. He’s tried repeatedly to ask out a local mechanic, Charlotte, only to be shot down more than once. Lonely, he finally agrees to a blind date with Charlotte’s friend, Beth – only to have yet another woman pushed on him. Jodie is everything he’s ever dreamed of in a woman. Delicate, wholesome, ethereal… but there is a spark in her that piques his interest. 

Can the good guy finally get the girl of his dreams?