Alkaline Diet for Beginners: Simple Guide to Understand PH, Retrieve Vibrant Health and Energy, Eat Clean

Complete Guide To Simply Understand The Alkaline Diet And Reclaim Your Health Today!
As you read this book, you’ll learn the science behind exactly how your pH levels affect your body. You will also learn about how to test your pH levels and which foods can be used to raise or lower acidity. Through monitoring your levels and adjusting your diet accordingly, you can find the perfect balance of nutrition for your life. As a thank you, you’ll also find a small collection of delicious recipes that will make achieving an alkaline pH level easy. This book is a positive step towards a healthy life change.

Here Is A Sneak Peak Of What You’ll Learn…

What is the Alkaline Diet
Benefits of the Alkaline Diet
What is Body pH
What to Eat, What to Moderate
Testing and Monitoring pH Levels
Recipes that Benefit the Alkaline Diet
Much, more!