Your Guide To Online Anonymity

In today’s world, online anonymity and privacy are things that are hard to come by. Even the little information that we give to internet companies is never safe as we hear stories every day about data leaks and hacks on these companies.
You may at some point ask yourself, what is all the fuss about online data? This book will show you that the information you give online is valuable and how internet based companies profit from it. We also show you how the information that you provide might be used to track you down or even manipulate elections when in the wrong hands.
This book helps you get an understanding of the different types of data and how they are each acquired and used. We also give expert tips on how you can maximize online privacy and browse the internet anonymously.
Get ready to learn that you are not only the consumer of online services but also the raw material in an endless internet factory.
By the end of the book you will have learnt:-
– What is a digital footprint and how to use it.
– Different types of online data.
– Ways used to acquire your data.
– How companies profit from your personal data.
– How to maximize online privacy.
– Steps for attaining online anonymity.
– A bonus chapter on the deep web and its ten commandments.