Silent Rage: The birth of a Serial Killer (Rage Series Book 1)

Libby is a survivor. As a child she unwittingly escapes a serial killer but meets another as an adult. Ironically, she likes the amicable criminal, Russell. As a student of behavioral psychology, she chooses Russell for a case study. Over the course of their sessions she learns they share a dark secret, but she’s not telling anyone. Because of her discovery, she wants to end their sessions and cut all ties with him. Libby wishes to get on with the life she has planned with her fiancé.
Russell grew up in poverty, facing abuse, bullying, molestation, and neglect. He experienced hardships most people pretend does not exist. Russell eventually learned how to take care of himself. His amateurish self-sufficiency meant using his favorite knife to silence his tormentors.
“Silent Rage” is the story of a young man who is tired of his pathetic life. Libby tried to provide guidance for him but ultimately couldn’t help the young man who has only known cruelty and violence. Russell discovers he enjoys the power that comes from inflicting his own form of abuse.