Abuse: Healing and Recovering From the Trauma of Emotional Abuse Caused by Parents and Relationships

Our world does not focus enough on emotional abuse and the trauma that it causes. Instead, the court systems around the world, including in the US, are set up to only assess physical trauma as a type of abuse. 

Unfortunately, many children living in troubled homes face emotional abuse every day, doing their best just to survive, feeling that no one has the power to stop it. Even with clear evidence of emotional trauma caused by a parent or both parents, the legal system rarely intervenes because the laws are not strict enough to make it happen. 

If you have suffered emotionally due to a parent or a past relationship, you know you must seek information to help you heal and recover from the trauma. 

It will take strength. You may experience setbacks. But, in the end, you are already on your way to recovering and healing from the trauma of emotional abuse because you are seeking information to help you. 

You can find your way to a healthy life, no matter the damage that others may have done to your self-esteem.

Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn…


  • Exploring Emotional Abuse
  • Signs that a Person is Abusive
  • Parental Abuse
  • Discovering the Cause of the Parent’s Reaction
  • Relationship Abuse: Spouses
  • Exercises to Heal
  • And Much More!