Whispering Suicide

Whispering Suicide dives deep into the mind of an African American woman born and raised in Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy. She realizes that life is full of energy that tries to convince her to kill her mind, body, and soul. She struggles to keep her head above water in a world where negativity is as common as the sun rising and setting.. She will do everything that it takes to live a better life. A life of happiness, awakening, and peace is her ultimate goal. As she feels parts of her soul dying she realizes that she needs to do something to keep her soul alive. There are two kinds of living. The kind when you just survive and the kind when you do everything in your power to ensure that your soul’s purpose is fulfilled. She has two paths; Multiple choices; Multiple Whispers that try to convince her to kill who she is truly. How can she avoid the suicide of her Mind, Body, and Soul? What will she do?