PUERTO VALLARTA INSIDER – A Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide For Villa Renters and Luxury Traveler


Planning an escape to Puerto Vallarta? Renting a luxury property or reserving a five-star resort like the Four Seasons or the St. Regis Resort and want a fabulous experience in Puerto Vallarta? Learn all you need to know from the authors of PUERTO VALLARTA INSIDER, world travelers who have maintained a villa residence in Puerto Vallarta for over a decade. 

The globe-trotting authors built the premiere luxury villa, Casa Dos Cisnes, in Puerto Vallarta and have visited frequently for over a decade. Now they have curated the essential tips for discerning luxury travelers who want the perfect experience in this beautiful tropical paradise.

Luxury Travelers Have Different Needs

When you rent a luxury home or book a luxury resort, your desires are more discerning, and your needs completely different from someone booking a hotel. You want more privacy and services such as a full staff, gourmet chef concierge, and premiere experiences.

Having leased the perfect tropical oasis, you’ll be less likely to venture out, but when you do, you’ll hope for an amazing experience. As Mexico’s second-largest tourist destination, Puerto Vallarta is blessed with a bountiful array of options, but the quality can vary greatly. The authors have written PUERTO VALLARTA INSIDER to filter out the noise that other tourist guidebooks and propaganda contain to help make your vacation planning easier.

The Only Information You Need to Know

The authors have curated the essential information for discerning luxury travelers. The restaurants and services they present are ones they personally know, have patronized over the years when in residence in Puerto Vallarta, and consider reliable because they have stood the test of time. In many cases, they have established agreements specifically for their guests staying at Casa Dos Cisnes because of their confidence in the establishment.

Spend Less Time Planning Your Vacation and More Time On Vacation

With PUERTO VALLARTA INSIDER, you’ll spend less time planning your vacation and more time on vacation. After all, vacations should be about relaxing and not adding to your “to do” tasks. And although the authors refer to the “luxury traveler,” they believe that the “good life” they describe is available to anyone who desires a certain level of quality in food and accommodation. It’s all about how you live your life, not the price.