A successful, black, business woman is left by every major love in her life for white women, causing a self identity crisis and struggle to find new love, new happiness, and new respect for who and what she is. One day, after walking in on her husband having sex with a white woman, she’s had enough, as her personal life hit’s rock bottom and she deals with the so called perfect, married, sister, the meddling, low self esteem mother, angry, confused children, and a general public watching with judgmental eyes.

We learn along the way that the husband has a complex about color that stems from idealistic images of white women on television and media painting them as the holy grail. The new wife has issues with being kept by wealthy men, no self identity, and her moves as a career gold digger catching up with her. The protagonist has issues with color stemming from a childhood with the light skinned sister, being left for white women, and a mother that pushes her to develop her mind, because black women have less emotional value. Becky Unchained is an interesting look into race, relationships, self worth, and purpose. A must read.