No Hablo Inglés: Andonia Moreno’s Sensual Tale Of Language & Love (A Spanish-American Romance Novel), English

She had to be the one he had seen on the Easthampton Bridge. There was no mistake. The hair and the poise were exactly as it had been, and here she was, watching the sunset go down. While he still contemplated going to meet her, she turned around, caught him looking and started towards him. He had seen her coming and had been quick to avert his gaze away, not wanting to see her move towards him. Perchance, she was headed back to her tent or whatever it was she was going back to, but certainly not to him.- “Hola…?” she said. Her voice quite pure and tranquil, almost like warm milk on a freezing night.- “Uhmm… Hi,” Jonas heard himself say. She was standing right in front of him, looking so graceful.- “I see you at bridge, que onda?” she furthered. – “Yeah, I guess so, I saw you sometime back on the Easthampton Bridge, and you were jogging. I was just wondering if you were the one,” Jonas said.- She nodded her head briskly, and suddenly fell silent still looking at him, so he said: “I’m Jonas Brandon, so what’s your name?” No reply came forth, she only moped at him. And suddenly, he realized that, perhaps, she didn’t understand what he had meant. She just stood looking at him, perhaps still expecting him to introduce himself further.