21 Days to Awaken Your Power

Are you feeling listless or stuck in a rut? Maybe you feel drained, taken for granted, or depressed. Do you feel like you’re meant to do so much more than you currently are? That’s not an escapist fantasy, it’s your inner Power begging you to awaken. Every single person has unique talents and gifts they can offer the world. No one is an exception to this rule. 
By simply being a human being, we have the ability to become the bridge between the Earth and the Heavens. To do this, we must discover our True Nature. 

In 21 Days to Awaken Your Power, Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual instructor, Panda Hirabayashi, invites you to set aside three weeks to discover your Power. This ebook/mini course is a day by day guide to beginning a path of self-realization, inner peace, and happiness. It combines ancient mystical knowledge with modern day practices in an easy-to-digest format that aims to given insights into the deepest center of your being. The instructions contained within this short text will provide a framework for lasting transformation, help establish positive mental patterns, and open the reader up to a sense of connection with the Universe. 

Why 21 Days? Scientific studies have shown it can take as little as 21 days to build positive habits and replace old, toxic ones. Each day, you are provided with a little bit of new information to apply to your mindset. This prevents information overload and allows you to gently release what no longer serves you, awaken into your true Power, and develop your relationship with Higher Self.