HABITS: YOUR LIFE-CHANGING GUIDE, How To Transform Your Mind, Body And Life THE 21 DAY PLAN.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a positive transformation in your mind, body, and life in just 21 days?
Can you succeed in 21 days? While it certainly can take longer, depending on circumstances and personality, to form lasting habits, studies show that 21 days is a reasonable minimum to begin establishing your new healthier lifestyle. Just view these 21 days as the first in a series of small consistent steps toward a new, happier, and healthier you.
At its core, transforming your life is about taking responsibility for the areas of your life over which you have control. This book is not about quick fixes. Real transformation is about working through your challenges to become a stronger person. It is about developing an attitude of mastery over yourself.
Dr. Vidhya Kumaranayakam has developed a robust program designed to kick start your personal transformation!
In Habits: Your life-changing guide, How to transform your mind, body & life, Dr. Vidhya shares her professional perspective as an experienced Doctor and Clinical Director for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities on creating positive habits in your life. As a Board Member and Lecturer for the esteemed Royal College of General Practitioners, Dr. Vidhya brings real expertise to her 21-day kick start program.
In this powerful book, Dr. Vidhya outlines her remarkable program designed to help the reader develop new positive daily routines, better self-discipline, and healthier eating habits. It is an evidence-based program she developed, tested, and succeeded with herself and many if her patients have seen benefits too. 
In Habits: Your life-changing guide, you will learn:
• How to achieve a transformational mindset.
• Secrets to reducing stress.
• Training habits designed to awaken your inner warrior.
• Guidelines and recipes for deliciously healthy eating.
• Keys to creating new and healthier life habits.
• How to leverage your new habits to maintain your transformational process. 

Your next 21 days, armed with the information contained within these pages, can become the start of an incredible journey of transformation in your life! Begin your new life today.