The Pathetic Life of Dilbert Brown (The Book of Dilbert 1)

His parents died. His uber religious aunt raised him. His cat will teach him how to live life.

Dilbert Brown thinks that his life is just fine. It’s routine, it’s bland, it’s nothing special, but his cat Benny thinks otherwise. He convinces Dilbert that a night out with his coworkers is what he needs to try and introduce a little fun in his life. The night quickly takes a left turn and Dilbert finds himself running for his life. Benny and his feline squad must try and find Dilbert before it’s too late. Dilbert’s coworkers and family join in the search, but past faces, present enemies, and future uncertainties send the group through different emotional and physical twist and turns. As events unfold in the world of Dilbert Brown, Benny learns that there are more eyes on him that he would like.

The Pathetic Life of Dilbert Brown contains mystery, romance, adult/dark/silly humor, secret secrets, some other worldly stuff thrown in ,a pinch of fantasy and a talking cat that doesn’t play by human rules.

Note from the author: The style of this book is unorthodox…to be honest i didn’t know how i wanted to write it. The one thing i knew is that i want the reader to become each and every character and hear them in the voice of their choosing. I wanted to build a world that everyone felt a part of. Not just by reading the words, but by becoming a part of the universe itself.