The Fountain Of Youth Images

John Maurice Covington was born on July 8 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the middle child of three children into a middle-class family. His father is from Chicago, Illinois and his mother is from Louisiana, St. Joseph. When he was younger he went to a Pentecostal Church and was baptized in his Uncle Ronald’s Baptist Church (Friendship Missionary Baptist Church). He studies Hebrew/Spiritual Guidance and always is big with learning history and science. His notion in life is making know way a better way and he always lived off of vibes, realness and woman’s intuition. He has a lot of Yah-Given gifts and one is helping on different types of levels. Enough about me enjoy or better yet, I hope everyone enjoys and acknowledge the book and through it you can find out more about me if you take heed….. All Praises (Shalom).