Macy Vickers and the Book of Spells: An Epic Fantasy Adventure

Macy, Olivia and Jack are three 12-year-old children who embark on the adventure of a lifetime whist staying at Macy’s aunt and uncle’s home during the school holidays.
The appearance of two mysterious figures on the children’s first night at the house, and the discovery of a secret entrance to a strange new world, called Tormencer, brings with it the realisation that life as they know it will never be the same again.
Having entered Tormencer, the three friends and their mysterious guides first quest is to find a sorcerer known as the Spell Keeper. 
The Spell Keeper is enlisted to help defeat Kraken and his army of loyal Goblin Soldiers, who have kidnapped the rightful heirs to the Land of Tormencer and their loyal subjects, and stolen two magical pieces, the Book of Spells and Ring of Power.
A strange array of unusual creatures, both friendly and hostile, play their part in the many decisions Macy, Olivia and Jack make during their time in Tormencer. Decisions that might not only help them succeed in their quest … but may also cost them their lives.