Cracked Out of My Shell: A Whimsical Collection of Poems

Poetry is an expression of life. From the heart of man bursts the expression of words. The poet’s job is to capture this expression in short and concise form.

Instead of allowing the mind time to apply its rudimentary censors, the poet aspires to stringently adhere to and quaintly utter a particular line of thought. An idea may suddenly come while looking at leaf on a tree or may build over time concerning a typically taboo subject 

Cracked Out of My Shell is the outcome of the whimsical collection of such poems by the author, Tom Racanelli. 

Exploring such subject matters as meditation, courage, death, love, nature and spirituality, Tom steps boldly into the material, by “cracking out of his shell.” 

The author delves into the intricate meaning of such material — with the realization that merely exploring the surface level does not create an efficacy in understanding.

By boldly looking at such subject matter, Tom explores with simple quietude and poetic license the freedom of being alone with one’s thoughts and candidly expressing them. 
“From “Finding a Still Heart” to exploring the other side of death on a soul’s journey, Cracked Out of My Shell will uplift and inspire the reader using the magical tone and utility of poetic expression.