QANON & TRUMP EXPOSED: Donald Trump, Q and the Secret War Against the Deep State. Conspiracy Theory or Truth?

The Qanon conspiracy theory alleges that President Donald Trump and a group of allies within the legitimate government, led by the anonymous figure known as “Q”, are secretly at war with the so-called “Deep State” — an evil, traitorous cabal of Satanists and globalists who pursue horrific, inhuman crimes, with the intent of both satisfying their deeply sick desires and destroying the USA from the within. Information about this existential subrosa battle and upcoming events are released via what have come to be known as “drops” — coded text messages that are deciphered by Qanon followers, known as “bakers.” Followers of Q believe they are part of a world-historic effort to expose the evil doers; they are foot soldiers for the immanent “Great Awakening,” in which all the people of Earth will see and understand the horrors visited upon them by the, demonic common enemy. The followers of Qanon (also known as “Q Anon” and “Q-Anon”) believe they are engaged in a kind of holy war for the heart and soul of America. Eventually, once the fight goes public, thousands of conspirators, enablers and simply those who looked the other way will be be rounded up and sent to Gitmo to face military tribunals — and presumably eventual execution — as part of “The Storm,” the predicted uprising against the supposed forces of darkness. Strangely enough, the foul plotters of the Deep State are often identified as liberals, Democrats and simply those who do not believe Donald Trump is “the new messiah,” but there is nary a conservative or Republican to be found in the ranks of bad guys. The Qanon phenomena, which began on an obscure internet chat room and has grown into a sizable, though still fringe, right wing movement, entered the mainstream consciousness in late 2018 as supporters were seen waving signs and wearing Q shirts and other regalia at Trump rallies. Mainstream media considers the Q claims to be baseless and absurd. However, the Qanon crowd does not trust establishment news sources and has been primed, by over two years of Trump propaganda, to dismiss derogatory information as “fake news.” Media disregard and more extreme Q drops have fueled the fervor and fanaticism of the Q base, to the point that followers have committed a number of high-profile crimes (shooting up a pizza parlor and taking over the Hoover dam, to name two high profile incidents of late) and caused great concern with law enforcement agencies across the country. QANON & TRUMP EXPOSED explores the Q cult, analyzes the claims made by proponents, and answers the pressing questions: Is Donald Trump really fighting alongside Qanon in a covert war to rid the United States of America — and the world — of inhuman monsters the likes of which make Nazis seem adorable by comparison? Has Q been right in his predictions? Should citizens be alarmed that there is truth in the apocalyptic Qanon narrative, or is the entire ethos nothing more than over-heated paranoid delusion run amok?