HOW TO FAST BIBLICALLY: When Desperate Situations Require Drastic Actions

Are you completely annoyed, fed up, disappointed, frustrated or overwhelmed not seeing the answers and results you’d like in your spiritual and physical life?

“I’m aware that God answers prayers so it must be me”, you’ve said.

Are you finding it difficult to elevate your spirit man?

Fear Not!

We’ve been given some secret weapons in His word to access breakthroughs and deliverance. This book is part of the series “HOW TO be Powerful Christians” and this one will focus on the weapon of Fasting Biblically

This book is for a believer who is:

    • Beginners to Advanced Fasters. If you’ve never fasted before, you’ll be guided how to and if you fasted regularly you’ll also learn about some other tremendous benefits that fasting can provide.


    • An Adult, Man, Woman, Single, Married Couples, Business Owner, Starting or Growing a Ministry and more.


    • Desperately in need of hearing from the Lord by reducing the distractions of food and pleasures


    • Fasting for health while staying connected to the Lord in prayer.



You don’t want to feel like you’re giving up your precious food and pleasurable lifestyle to try something out. Know exactly what to expect when you fast; that our Gracious Lord is with you always, but your spirit will be more opened to hear Him much clearer. So, learn and discover secrets in this book about:

    • Fasting through the author’s recent personal case study


    • What fasting is and is not


    • Reasons to declare a fast


    • Different types of fasts such as Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), Absolute Fast (Dry Fast), Full Fast (Water fasting) and the now popular Intermittent Fasting (IF).


    • Benefits from different lengths of fasting periods


    • Spiritual, Health and Other Benefits of Fasting


    • HOW TO PREPARE yourself for a fast (Pre-fast)


    • HOW TO FAST (during the fast)


    • HOW TO WEAN from a fast (post-fast)


    • Maintaining and manifesting your breakthrough


  • And More