Discipline in Five Easy Steps: Forget Motivation, Take Action and Stop Procrastination (Goals, Focus, Self-Discipline, Productivity)

The book distills my knowledge and experience on what worked and what didn’t work during my years of development from a shy, clumsy child in Greece to a successful research engineer with a happy, social life in Germany and the power to support my family.
I wrote the book I wish I had when I was 18, when I left my home country to study engineering in Germany, as this was my childhood dream. In the process of that, I read a lot about personal development and hapiness. I did all the mistakes, I worked too much without getting good results, I got lazy and lost my progress and I ruined my social life and relationships with my family and friends. After 9 years of consistent work and development, I cleared out the advice that makes sense and works in real practice from the unnecessary motivational fluff.