Poetic Secrets: A British Brown Beauty’s Perspective

An insightful collection of poetry touching on themes such as mindfulness, healing, mental health, love and heartbreak. Tenderly explores and brings light to growing topical issues such as infertility.

Poetic Secrets is a collection of poems exploring a variety of personal life experiences. Feelings of happy and sad run throughout the compilation; some poems express heartbreak and true love; the true nature of anxiety and depression; the torture of infertility and loss; racism; bullying and cultural truths. Although exploring dark times, a section is dedicated to overcoming this with self-healing techniques, happiness and positivity.

The poems are written to touch the lives of others who may be experiencing these real life challenges and to provide some comfort and light at the end of the tunnel.

Each poem delivers a thought provoking message. Find the inspiration you need from the experiences in this book to survive whatever story you are living right now.