Me, the Boy, and The Monster: Exploring the psychology of adoption and trauma

Me, the Boy, and The Monster is a personal, thoughtful, and touching tribute to a family’s journey through the world of adoption and trauma. McGill has a background in developmental psychology and uses this to great effect; the theory sections of MTBTM are relevant, researched, and related to real-life examples from McGill’s own experience with her adopted son. This book goes beyond the tired cliché of ‘attachment’ however, pulling together relevant strands of many different psychological theories and disciplines, all of which is juxtaposed against heart-wrenching and emotional accounts taken from McGill’s own blog, giving the reader a unique and personal insight in to the day to day struggles of her family.

‘This isn’t just a book for people before they adopt; this is also a book for adopters. There were so many things you said that resonated so clearly with my experience. You articulate the concepts beautifully and the personal illustration from your life, so generously included, brings it to life and makes it real.’