F.E.A.R: The FOUR Hidden Meanings

False Evidence Appearing Real / Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real
(We scare ourselves by imagining negative outcomes to any activities we pursue or experience. But just because we imagine these things happening, that doesn’t mean they will happen, or that they will be as painful as we think. So it’s good to stop imagining negative things and instead deal with what’s already there)
Functional Evolutionary Action Required / Face Each Action Resourcefully
(How delaying action can give rise to anxiety and fear. If there’s a problem, and you don’t try to fix it, you will grow fearful. Whereas if you overcome inertia and work on it, you will fix it and there won’t be any fear anymore) 
First Evaluation Appears Risky
(How at first anything new appears scary, because our minds are wired to keep us safe and avoid new, exciting things that we don’t fully know, that might hurt us.)
Face Everything And Rise
(Motivational ending chapter about how if you face your fear, it will go away, and if you don’t face it, it’ll become your limit)