Death of a Diviner: An Imperial Investigation

Jack Franco’s Murder Mystery set in a Classical Fantasy.

Archmage Alanis is known throughout the empire as the most experienced diviner and the leader of all arcane knowledge. When she has an unusually cloudy vision of her own murder by a shadowy figure, she enlists the help of the empire’s greatest sleuth in an attempt to stop it. Together, Detective Gimble, a gnome who climbed his way through the ranks of the Imperial watch with his ability to see through illusions with only his perceptions, and his partner Paladin Dorn, an orc seeking to serve his patron god of justice, must race against time to solve a murder that has yet to happen.

Set in Pronotia, a classical fantasy world of elves, orcs, gnomes, dwarves, and humans, four generations of an imperial government has managed to conquer most of the known world, forcing all races to work and live under one flag. Explore this world of victorian colonialism through the experiences of the imperial watch and the magic of the seven masters of the arcane academy.