Once Bitten, Twice Turned

In a world where vampires, werewolves, and witches run rampant, no one is truly safe. Adela is a normal human in a supernatural world, and that’s how she wishes to stay. At the end of her shift one night, she takes a shortcut home, not thinking about her safety. She runs into an elderly man that promises her a gift if she would help him get to his house just on the other side of the woods. Taking a chance on an old man, she takes him home. Little does she know that the gift comes with a price – a price she’s not ready to pay. Adela not only enters the supernatural world; she runs straight through it and crashes into everything in her way. With the help of her friends, Gabriel and Millicent, she tries to adjust to her new life. Just when she thinks she has enough problem to deal with, a series of big revelations continue to unveil, and now she has to curb her bloodlust, fight off enemies, and engage in a love life that is double the trouble. How will Adela get through this crappy situation she now calls life?