Second Chance Daddy: 3-Book Contemporary Romance Collection

“The test came back positive… and it’s yours.” I just found out I’m carrying Hunter’s baby… What will happen now? Will he leave and break my heart or step up and protect what’s his? After high-school Hunter and I went our separate ways. Hunter: straight into a soldier’s uniform and then overseas. Now he’s back and our worlds have collided. He’s all wrong for me, being with him spells trouble. His time overseas left him damaged, hardened, a trained and fierce protector. But when I feel his strong arms wrap around me and his heart beating against my chest, I melt into a puddle. We’ve both been through hell and back but there’s no denying the flame burning between us. Now, we’ve both escaped from our escapes, and I’m drawn to this man who might be more than I can handle. The stakes are high and there is no going back. Will Hunter stay and give us his heart?