This Wasn’t The Plan

Have you ever felt like you’re invisible? Sam has. 

Samantha Reynolds career took a detour when she had to leave her management position in Public Relations to take care of her sick mother. Now that she’s back in the corporate world again her plan was to land a position as a Senior Agent at one of Boston’s most renowned talent agencies, Rossi & Associates. Instead she’s been the receptionist there for almost two years. 

Day after day Sam watches the parade of employees pass by her desk, the women in their expensive clothes giggling about what they did over the weekend and where they should go for lunch. It was like high school all over again, except this time the popular kids all worked upstairs and the invisible girl answered the phones. 

In an industry dominated by men and the skinny size two admins that support them Sam wonders if she should just accept the fact that she doesn’t fit the mold for the job she wants. 

In the blink of an eye she’s asked to do something that could end up turning her world upside down and possibly get her closer to her goal. Doing it could be a big mistake. Not doing it could be an even bigger one. 

Join Sam on her journey up the corporate ladder; filled with laugh out loud situations and a main character that will have you rooting for her to make her dream job happen. This engaging plot also has some romance in it, but if you think you know how it will end, think again!

“Thanks to its likeable main character, This Wasn’t the Plan is sure to please women’s fiction fans.” Stefanie B., Copy Editor, Red Adept Editing

“Which is more important – your heart, or your dreams? Sam finds herself faced with the toughest choice of her life in this intense, moving tale.” Irene S., Proof Reader, Red Adept Editing