VAMPIRE BRIDES: To Have And To Hold….

It is extremely rare for a vampire female to conceive a child, there has only been one or two in the history of our kind and I personally suspect that the female was not full blood vampire. Some of our kind have in the past mated with humans but they are not strong enough to bear our young and it has always been against our laws, until recently.
As I passed my five hundredth year on this earth I began to think constantly about the future of our House and about my heirs. I guess we are the equivalent of Vampire royalty and my son Luca, the eldest and heir apparent would be a capable, fair and just ruler but we had all sworn a long time ago not to take the lives of any human unless they were on the brink of death. The only way I could see the continuation of our line was for my sons to mate with hybrid humans. Women with mixed blood, elves, fae, lycan were all much stronger than their full human sisters and were capable of bearing our children. 
My soulmate and lifelong partner, Violette, was a witch in her previous life. She began searching in earnest for the women destined to be with our sons for eternity. She loved our sons fiercely and wanted them to find love with their partners too. I thought that a rather tall order but I didn’t bet on my mates tenacity and her extreme powers. Love is not a requirement for a successful bonding in vampire society.
Hendrik Van Buren

Vampire Brides – To Have And To Hold (Luca and Sierra), Book 1
Sierra Adams is still reeling from the death of her beloved Grandmother Rachel, six months earlier. Rachel, a vibrant, loving woman, had raised her since she was a baby. Now Sierra was left completely alone and drowning in medical bills and her job as a waitress at the local diner isn’t making a dent in them. 
She has been taking huge comfort in the form of her gorgeous dream lover, who comes to her every night when she is asleep and invades her mind, body and soul. She is shocked but when she finds out he is actually very real and he is a two hundred year old vampire. Sierra is inexplicably drawn to him.
Luca Van Buren Hendrik and Violettes eldest son and the heir to the House of Van Buren. He has some magical ability, learned from his mother, a centuries old witch, turned vampire and his father, the undisputed ruler of their House. Luca knows Sierra is his mate, his soul bonded, he just has to convince her. He also helps her to uncover the truth about herself and the wonderful gifts that have been hidden, dormant inside her whole life.