Passive Income:16 Proven Ideas to Start Your Own Business and Get $5,000-$10,000 a Month of Passive Income

Trading your time for money, what we call earning an active income from a job where, if you stopped working, the income stream would stop flowing, has its drawbacks. Still, ‘employment’ is a great way to learn and generate some savings that you can then use to invest.
One of the main drawbacks of earning an active income is that if for whatever reason, you stop working because you are trading your time and energy for income, you would also stop earning. The other thing is that to earn a profit; you will have to trade your most precious resource: time. 
While this guide is not asking you to “up and quit” your job without any planning, you should gradually transition into creating passive income streams that require minimal time and energy input if any.
Fortunately, passive income streams are as many as they are simple. This book will illustrate several of them (16 to be exact) and show you how to implement them for the best results. Implement as many as you can (one after the other) until you get to your passive income goal ($5,000-$10,000 is an excellent passive income goal to get you started)