Aldaraia: The search for the biggest secret on earth has begun

Aldaraia is the next, must have title in the conspiracy theory category. Running alongside works like The Da Vinci Code, Aldaraia is filling an ever-growing demand for intellectual fiction. The story begins with intrigue as ancient documents of monumental importance surface at an auction. Before the truth of them could be discovered, the new owner passed away and left them with his daughter, Jenifer. The inquisitive girl that she is, and feeling the need to connect to her deceased father after years of secrecy on his dealings, Jenifer unites with Professor Bishop to learn the secrets of the box left to her. In a mystery filled adventure that has the pair traveling the world things get darker. Soon the ground shaking discovery of a murdered priest sets the tone for their puzzling quest. This death, however, becomes a mere fragment in the web of occult and conspiracy chapters that lay ahead. The pair must work with skill and speed and are soon led to rummaging the archives with legendary historian Monroe, but time is of the essence. As if dealing with decoding the ancient code wasn’t bad enough, the group soon realize they are dealing with multiple ancient orders: some of which are hot on their tails. And the biggest threat is yet to surface… Aldaraia is an intellectual tale that prompts questioning at every turn and guarantees the reader a new look at what they thought they knew, both in fiction and reality.