Cosmic Warrior: The Beginner’s Guide for the Modern Soul Seeker

If you’re here, reading this, it’s for a reason. This isn’t a random happenstance. You might not know what that reason is yet, but if you keep reading, you will discover why.

Are you more intuitive than your friends, but you tell yourself that your intuitions are silly coincidences? 

Millions of people tell themselves that their intuitions aren’t real and ignore informative signs around them. They never tap into their distinct spiritual gifts.

But you’re different. You are seeking answers and a better understanding of your untapped spiritual intuition. 

But where do you start?

When we follow our intuition sometimes it doesn’t make sense. It’s a road we’ve never travelled. We have to find someone to trust to show us the way. We have to take a leap of faith and find someone who can be our guide. 

Bridget Brady Pattee, known as the Cosmic Warrior, is your perfect escort. She had many of the same questions you do. She researched and explored until she found answers, and now she wants to share them with you.

What’s the book about?

This book is an introduction manual to everything spiritual. It’s a guide book for people who are searching for answers about how to grow spiritually by finding and listening to their inner voice. 

The easy-to-read chapters break down all the concepts and make them relatable, approachable and easy to digest. Step-by-step, you will learn how to gain confidence to move past your fear and judgment, so you can understand more about the world around you and how you can trust your feelings. This book will inspire you to become the Cosmic Warrior you were born to be.

You will be encouraged to listen to your intuition, trust what you hear, and believe in yourself. 

Be ready to engage in spirituality with enthusiasm and without trepidation. 

You are here. You are ready. Take the leap.

Don’t wait to transform who you are. Buy a copy today and discover a new and better you, the person you were created to be. 

Gift a copy for a friend and grow together spiritually.