The Seers: Secrets of the Phantom Beast

“So powerful you’ll wish it were true!” Jake Carter was just an ordinary kid, but during his freshman year in high school he became truly extraordinary. It all begins when Jake’s only friend Johnny almost dies in a tragic accident. He was the sole survivor of an expedition during an annual class trip to the Santa Lucia Mountains. He was trapped underground for nine days after the cave they were exploring collapsed. Weak and lifeless, he was found along the Pacific coast nearly fifteen miles away from the entrance. While underground Johnny experienced many strange things, and now Jake was seeing them too! It was during this time that they discover an ancient secret – reality is merely an illusion. A mystical universe swirls just out of sight, yet they never take notice. They’ve been forced by everyone around them to ignore one basic fact; their power is limitless. This simple twist of fate and the several months that followed changed Jake’s life forever. With a small group of high school outcasts, they begin a strange journey. By giving up the reality they’ve always known, they grow stronger every day. Their destiny lies before them as they tumble helplessly into a world of power, energy, and terrifying beings. Once they accept the truth and reject the world they’ve always known, they finally begin to see.