A Call for the Heart (Rentboy Book 1)

First in series from new mm romance author, Sam Baker.

Sebastian, a struggling actor, found himself desperately in need of a job.  After visiting an employment agency, he decided to pursue a lead that would allow him to work nights and have two nights off a week.  Thinking this was perfect with his custody schedule, he arranged an interview with Corporate Enterprises.  

The position was driver and receptionist, which again was perfect since Sebastian had a decent vehicle and would get reimbursed for gas and mileage.  The position seemed everything Sebastian would want in a stable career, only issue, Corporate Enterprises, was brothel called Club Jade.

Working in the sex industry didn’t deter Sebastian from earning an honest wage.  After all, he would be the receptionist and driver, not one of the rentboys.  He could look out for the prostitutes and protect them.

When Friends Become Lovers

Things seem to be going fairly well at the brothel, except Sebastian is falling in love with one of the prostitutes that he protects, Jarrod, aka Rod.  

Life Gets Complicated

Sebastian deals with the fact that Jarrod is a prostitute, and has sex with others for money.  However, Sebastian’s life gets complicated when Jarrod loans him money to pay his child support, and Sebastian’s ex-wife sues for sole custody of their child, Billy.  

Sebastian is faced with circumstances that may prevent him from ever seeing his child again.  

Will he be forced to choose between his lover and his child?  Find out in A Call for the Heart.

This page-turning romance is packed with suspense, human elements, and a fulfilling love story.  Discover the new series, Rentboy, today.