Stuck Between Borders

Just as life got interesting, the bitter truth of change hit him. His life changed without reason, and then he found himself in the land of dreams, where the people are free to dream, where dreams and realities are made. He was quick to find a home, to find solace in his new world, but the act of terror said no, turning his – cattle, ranch to a den of lions. It was he and his family against the world. 9/11 toppled the balance in his life, just when he found a home.
Would going back to the source, the origin, be the perfect solace to his hurt heart? Would the love that was lost in another man’s origin be found at his own origin? He was rejected in New York, would it be great at Islamabad? Those were the questions of his heart as he voyaged towards his birth country. No one knows, but one thing was sure; his story never remained the same, he was here, he was there, and he was still stuck between borders.