Love: Everything you want to know about love

This book is written for those who have not yet found their love and wants to know the answers to the most popular questions about love. The theme of love is truly bottomless both in form and in content. Each first girl when meeting a guy sooner or later begins to ask him questions about “relationships”, “love”, “girl”. Probes, so to speak, the ground. The guys most often have questions in their head: “Why doesn’t she love me?”, “When can you confess to love?”, “How to fall out of love?”. People of both sexes are very worried about things “how to make somebody fall in love with you?” And “how to stop suffering if love is unrequited?”. In general, in this book I decided to give answers from a practical point of view to all these, as well as, many other questions. First of all, there will be recommendations for men, but women will also find a lot of useful information for finding their other halves.