The Fire’s Will: A Dark Fantasy Dystopian Adventure (Light and Dark Series Book 1)

Sometimes the line between dark and light is blurred

Orphaned and raised by a cold grandfather, John Jansen is unaware that Enlighteners and Darkeners, from a parallel world, guide humans to make choices on Earth—for good or for evil. He’s thrown into an alternate universe where he meets Nephraim, a guardian of the Enlightened Territory, who informs him that as one of the rare humans whose inner voice cannot be influenced by Enlighteners or Darkeners, he has been called on to help the people on Earth make the right decisions.

At first John refuses to join the Enlighteners, but the Darkeners attack him, and soon he has no choice but to accept the dangerous mission thrust upon him. Sworn to protect Nephraim, the Enlightened Territory, and Earth from a dark fate, John discovers that things are not always as they seem. As the Darkeners infiltrate the Enlightened Territory, poised to deliver a fatal blow, it’s up to John to stop the Deceiver before it’s too late.

In the battle between the Enlighteners and Darkeners, and good and evil, John must choose between what is right and what he wants.