Willpower on Command: Activate Your Will and Achieve Ruthless Execution of Objectives (Motivation, Mindset, Success, Habit, Mental Discipline, Self-Control)

How many times have you felt disappointed with yourself because you have given into temptation: you’ve eaten that last cookie, or you had that last drink in the bar with your friends? What makes those who can exercise iron willpower different from the rest of us? How do they manage to achieve their goals and defer gratification, sometimes indefinitely? Are they a different type of animal to us with superhuman powers? What sets them apart from those of us who keep telling ourselves, “We’ll start tomorrow”? The truth is that we all have that capacity to be strong-willed. It’s like anything else. The more you practice it, the more skilled at using it you become.

You’re about to discover that willpower is a powerful tool at the disposal of us all. It can be likened to a muscle in your body and becomes stronger the more it is exercised. Turned on its head, it can instead be perceived as the power of will. 

You will learn:


  • What motivation is and how it works
  • How to harness motivation from within
  • How to strengthen the willpower muscle
  • How to exercise built-up willpower in practice
  • How to achieve any objective