The Money Life Coach: 12 Powerful Methods Proven to Reduce Debt, Manufacture Wealth and Earn Financial Freedom

The Money Life Coach is the foundation from which you will start on the path towards your financial freedom. Live, learn and be prosperous.

In this influential financial planning guide, author Sam Sharma offers proven debt reduction strategies that are reinforced with real-life experiences, providing examples of how his debt payment plan, balanced mind set with clear objectives and passive income streams allowed him to eliminate over 50K in student loans and credit card debts and become debt-free in under three years.

Whether you are simply looking for a faster debt removal system, or you are chronically in debt and lose sleep over unpaid bills, the Money-Life Coach will inspire you to tackle your personal debts head on.  You will learn simple and immediately applicable methods for:

  • Eliminating high interest rate credit card debt, prevent interest rate hikes and improve your personal credit score
  • Designing an affordable debt relief plan that you can apply in any budget
  • Paying off those annoying student loans faster than you thought possible
  • Understanding yourself and your spending habits, so you can apply budget restraints that will work
  • Learning how “money emotions” affect your spending and how to manage them
  • Developing secondary income streams that will allow you to drastically reduce debt
  • Reducing stress related to managing debt and feeling happy and guilt-free again