Symphony of the Firelli

When a freakishly white-skinned baby is found washed up on the shores of the medieval land of Godrin, the dramatic event triggers an exploration of adventure to find what lies beyond Larant’s Ocean, by the king’s brother, Nikolas.

The king remains at home, overseeing the kingdom and raising the infant as his own. He names him Draco, but the child displays worrying signs of evil from a young age and has an unearthly strength that is unnatural.

Thirty years later, Nikolas returns as a changed man. His skin is abnormally pallid, and he is in possession of the same supernatural strength as Draco. But he hasn’t come alone. With him comes an ancient, evil race, known as the Firelli, bent on the conquest of a land they once called home.

Now, as Nikolas destroys everything in his path in a bid to bring to an end an ancient spell, Draco discovers the truth of his intentions. And as the kingdom sits on the brink of total annihilation, he finds himself torn between joining with the Firelli or saving the people of Godrin.