Baby’s Psychology: (Harmony, Peace and Love to Your Family) (Parenting)

Baby’s Psychology (Harmony, Peace and Love to Your Family)

This book will help parents learn about the vital role they play in the growth and development of their child’s brain. Parents will also get an understanding of how to read their baby’s mind, appreciate the power of reading and music, and provide the right psychological nourishment through everyday activities that build the brain. Moreover, parents will discover the things they should avoid doing as well as the importance of their relationship with their little one.

This book is not just for parents, it is for everyone who care for babies and young children. The rich information in this book will help answer your questions regarding a baby’s psychology and provide you with sound advice on how to be the best caretaker of a precious human being. 

When the development of a baby’s psychology is taken into consideration and given proper attention, you can ensure that there will be harmony, peace and love in the family—and that’s a worthy goal.

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Baby’s Psychology and Development
  • Help Your Baby’s Brain Grow
  • Everyday Activities that can Boost Your Child’s Brain Development
  • What to Avoid to Bring Harmony, Peace and Love to Your Family
  • As Simple as ABC
  • Conclusion