Durp’s life is far from perfect. The 11-year old just wants to go to school so he can grow up and follow his dreams. Patrick and his group of bullies, however, have other ideas. Patrick has made Durp his number one target and relentlessly berates him at every chance. There is no refuge to be found in the Johnny Preparatory Middle School, either. Mr. Carpo, the principal, has admitted that the school is about to be shut down. Where does this leave Durp? 
Confused about the future, Durp and his beloved dog, Poopy Diaper (PD), meet three aliens who are looking for an escaped criminal. Durp’s life changes forever after eating a cookie the aliens gave him. Durp discovers that he now has superpowers, as does PD and—to his dismay—so does Patrick. Destined to battle, Durp and Patrick grapple with their altered identities. Their newfound superpowers come at an unexpected price, and Durp soon becomes the hero that his school desperately needs.